Merge local git branches in project

I am far from a seasoned git veteran so perhaps I am just not understanding something basic, but I do not understand the best practice in the git projects to create a new branch for a feature and then eventually merge back into the master branch.

In my current effort I created a branch called "temperature" from master in Bitbucket, which actually called it "feature/temperature".

Through some twists and turns I ended up with a local branch on my node-red just called "temperature". I've been able to push this to to the "feature/temperature" branch without issue on Bitbucket even though they are technically different names.

Anyway, the time has now come to merge everything back to master. I was able to merge branches on Bitbucket, but I seem unable to merge my local branch on node-red and it insists on remaining in the "temperature" branch. So I seem to now be syncing with "master" on Bitbucket, but node-red still says the local branch is called "temperature"

I'm not sure if that made any sense whatsoever, so if anyone just has a simple example of how to successfully create a feature and then merge it back to master, that would be excellent! Perhaps the example could even just demonstrate how to do this locally because I see nothing that allows merging of branches. Thanks

Merging of branches locally is not something the current projects UI enables.

If you have merged them on the remote, so master is now completely up to date, you can switch to the master branch locally and pull the changes down.

In the Commit History sidebar, click the 'Branch: temperature' button and select 'master' from the drop down. You should then be able to click on the button with the arrows and pull down the changes.

sounds good. I just gave this a try and it worked great. Thanks