Meross contribution

The config field is (re)used for any meross-cloud node, so instead of calling that "bedside lamp", name it something like 'merosslogin'

The device field is kind of vague (the originator of the node does not explain what to fill out) - but I would think this is where you need to put "Bedside Lamp" - ie, match it with your meross setup.

Remove the other nodes.

To request its current state you send any non-boolean payload.

Use an inject -> meross -> debug.

It's no help to you but of several smart plugs and switches I have bought over the years, the only ones not abandoned in a drawer are those which came with Tasmota (Athom brand) or could easily be flashed over wifi with Tasmota (Various).

I did manage to get some to work without the makers' cloud "service" but in the end they were just too much effort to program compared to Tasmota's MQTT interface.

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