Node-Red, Tesla, Meross Garage opener MSG100 Request for help

Hi Node Red specialists

I‘m a total noob with Node-red and have seen a possibility to automate something cool.

I have a Tesla Model 3, I use Teslamate and I have a Meross MSG100 Garage door opener.

What would I like to archive.

If I return home, Teslamate knows that as it tracks the car, it should than check if the Garage is open, if yes, all good, leave it open, do nothing. If it‘s closed, open the Garage. I know states can get received from Meross, Teslamate has a Geofence.

It should be possible to do, but I‘m not familiar with all the possibilities.

I have Nodered installed in Docker an yes it runs.

I was able to install as well this for Meross.

So thats now where I stand.

Any step-by-step help very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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