Microgrid Simulation

I'm required to design a microgrid simulation on Node Red. I don't have much knowledge about Node Red and am wanted to ask if its possible to design a microgrid simulation on node red. Secondly, most microgrid simulations have solar panels, buildings, energy systems, generators, consumers and C Sharp code which includes formulas for energy output. Is it possible to depict the above mentioned entities on Node Red? If not, then what should I for my microgrid simulation and what information should I look for.
Thank You.

That should be possible. After you have your model(s) ready, you can then have a time step of for example 1 second which could be 1 hour in real time. We've done something similar but rather simple compared to your project - a thermal simulation (basically simulate the thermal energy of a mass and conductive/radiation losses).

Edit: Assuming your machine can do all the needed calculations for one time step in one second :wink: If it takes too long you could calculate everything first and then visualize the simulation later on. Also I think it's best to transfer the C# code to Node-RED (javascript).

Thanks for your reply. I'm still a little unsure since I haven't worked on Node Red before and find it difficult on how depict a solar panel absorbing solar rays and converting it to Energy, in Node Red. Is there a way I can look for online tutorials for microgrid simulations on Node Red or anything similar to my project?

The only thing I can tell you is that basically anything can be done in Node-RED (because there's still a programming language underneath which can be used if needed). And the other good news is that there are nodes out there which can give you the position of the sun for example, which means you don't have to reinvent the wheel in certain areas.

But maybe some other members who have actually done real solar panel projects can give better feedback.

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