Middleware implementation and editor

Hello guys can someone help me. I've tried embedding node-red in a js app but whenever I use my customized middleware to access the node-red editor I've been having problems on deploying changes. Why is that so!

This are the events not recorded when the middleware is implemented.

17 Jul 18:26:25 - [audit] {"event":"comms.close","user":null,"session":"ElqnETghlcQ93BKCNEAITlD9oiaP8U3C","level":98,"timestamp":1594981585222}
17 Jul 18:26:26 - [audit] {"event":"nodes.list.get","level":98,"path":"/nodes","ip":"::ffff:","timestamp":1594981586110}
17 Jul 18:26:26 - [audit] {"event":"nodes.icons.get","level":98,"path":"/icons","ip":"::ffff:","timestamp":1594981586391}
17 Jul 18:26:26 - [audit] {"event":"nodes.configs.get","level":98,"path":"/nodes","ip":"::ffff:","timestamp":1594981586421}

Hi @cris_ramil

without any information on what you've done, or what problems you are having, it is impossible to provide any help. What custom middleware are you using? How have you embedded Node-RED in your app exactly?

Can you explain what you mean by that?

I've embedded node-red through this
middleware and dashboard is working. The editor is shown but i cant edit it or deploy changes.
app.use(settings.httpAdminRoot,ensureAuthenticated, ensureUser,RED.httpAdmin);

So what have you done to debug it? Are there any errors in the browser when you click the deploy button?

We have no idea what your ensureAuthenticated and ensureUser middleware are doing - you need to debug those to see why they are breaking the requests.

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