Modbu serial failed

Hi every one I have a problem with modbus serial below

how can I fix it node version 16.15.1 npm version 8.13.1 thank.

Welcome to forums @Por1995 :smiling_face:

Have you recently updated your node version?

This error usually occurs when a native Node binary was compiled using a node version, that it is no longer running under.

within the .node-red dir run npm rebuild

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yes I update node version I'll try npm rebuild. thank

now I run npm rebulid but is ERR!

how can I fix

Try running cmd with elevated privileges - i.e run as administrator
you will then need to cd to the .node-red dir

as the cmd window will initiually be running under the systems32 folder.
but npm rebuild needs to run under your .node-red dir

I don't actually use windows (for anything) - so maybe someone who is better qualified in windows can clarify

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thank a lot now I can use modbus serial


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An easy one this time around :wink:

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