Modbus Data correctly read out

I want to read out some Data from my Inverters (SMA) over modbus tcp, it works but I get a "0" in front of the value:

0, 2695
I only need the second value: 2695 (W).

In a windows app is the same:
+0: 0
+1: the value I need. (in this picture the frequency)

How can I get the second value only ?


Hi Becker,

what if you try reading from Address 30776 and Quantity 1

but i guess your result will still be in an array that you can access with msg.payload[0]

Quantity1 will be error, no data :frowning:
I´ve no idea what Quantity means

Quantity means how many addresses to read starting from 30775 .. that why you get an array with two elements.

What is the error and what node produces that error ? .. put a debug node after your modbus tcp node with the above configuration.

just disconnect:

the other inverter crashed when I queried more than 4 data.
How can I query the registers one after the other so that the Invert does not crash ?

this is the solution,

function with:

var temp = (msg.payload[1])
msg.payload = temp;
return msg;

to easy.

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