Modbus flex sequencer and text field

Hello everyone.
I'm a new node-red user. I have recently explored reading and writing data via modbus. I have a little problem with the modbus flex sequencer. Reading itself works, but displaying two values with text field only shows the last value. As marked in the picture. I know it's probably a small thing but I've already spent a few days on it and I don't have any ideas anymore. Thank you very much for any help. Luke

Hello Lukas,

You can use a Switch node after your Modbus Flex Sequencer, to redirect each msg to the correct Dashboard text node.

From your screenshot : What makes each Sequencer msg unique is the Name (TZ1 and TZ2)
so use that in the Switch node.


Since you new to Node-red .. check out this video playlist made by the developers of Node-red.
Routing Messages - Node-RED Essentials

Thank you very much for this hint. Topic to close.

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