Modbus TCP 32 bits register from 16 bits register

Hi guys,
I have an Schneider Energy Meter PM5110 and some registers are float 32 bits. I read all of them with modbus poll .
I have read them with node red but I have two 16 bits registers. Attached I try to read the frequency (50Hz). I read two 16 bits registers but I don´t know how I can convert this array to the result that I want to read (50 Hz). Attached the voltage as well. I have this problem with all 32 bits registers.
Any idea? Thank you very much for your support.

Try this node

thank you edje11, but if I use that node and I suppose I have to do anything else, does it?
Thank you.

Place a function node in front of the ToFloat with;

msg.payload = (msg.payload[0] << 16) + msg.payload[1]
return msg;

thank you very much!!

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