Modbus TCP error/fails

Hi everyone, i need some help.
I'm using modbusflex-getter from node-red-contrib-modbus 5.13.3 to get value from modbus TCP.
Everything was fine, but the problem occured when i'm using one modbus-flex-getter for quantity more than 100 on one server. the error says, data exceeded.
So, i split the address between two node of modbus-flex-getter, and it works. But...
Next problem occurred when i make the third node. It keeps repeating the status between active and reconnecting. I tried to limit each node address quantity to 1 so it do not exceed 100, but the same problem persists.

I need some pointers how to do this on one server.
Any help is appreciated. thank you.

Okay I feel so stupid, there is a queue command option in server configuration. I tick that option and everything is working fine.

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