Modbus TCP/IP command

hello all !

do i have the ability to order a modbus tcp/ip node?
because as soon as i click deploy its connected to the server.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean please.

here i want to for example having a switch, when i change its state to true the node modbus is connected when i change it to false the node modbus will be disconnected

Why do you want to do that?

to allow the user to choose automatic mode or manual mode, when modbus tcp is connected its the automatic mode when it us disconnected its manual, sorry if i didnt know how to explain.

What is in manual mode? Do you mean the device connected to automatically goes into manual when disconnected? If so then I assume you can put it into manual mode by sending it the appropriate data.
If you mean that control is being done by node red rather than the device, there is no need to disconnect, just don't send it any data, and ignore anything it sends

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