Modify node-arduino to create a msg on every received analog value

I'm using analog inputs on my Arduino running the StandardFirmataPlus example sketch to measure pressure sensors. I've modified the sketch to read the analog inputs only every 5 seconds to reduce USB serial traffic and cpu load on both devices but node-arduino does not create a msg and trigger my flow unless the new value is different than the previous one. I want to have a that value saved to a time series db regardless of whether the value has changed.

The two options I prefer are:

  1. Modify the node and remove the comparison.
    I don't know how to do that yet.

  2. Request a feature for node-red-node-arduino to pass msgs even if the value has not changed
    (maybe also request support for setting the analog sampling rate from within the node, contrib-gpio supports this but doesn't support INPUT_PULLUP)
    This could take longer so I like the first option for the interim.

Any other reasonable options?

Modify the arduino sketch to send the data each time there is a reading then send 0 or some other number out of range. Then in your flow, ignore any msg with that value.

If you just want a repeat of the message if nothing arrives after 5 minutes maybe the node-red-contrib-msg-resend will do the job for you

Good ideas, thanks.