Monaco Editor Q

First, I gotta say I LOVE the Monaco editor. It has saved me so much time with error trapping, saved my butt from unknowingly doing stupid things and with the intelligent coloring makes coding easier to do. Love it!

I've investigated the options that can be set for the editor (found pages of 'em) but it was all about syntax and I couldn't find explanations as to what the (oddly named) option(s) actually manage.

What I'm after is to turn off the context sensitive help (pop up can get in the way) but be able to invoke it with F1 should I need it Any guidance on this?

You cannot use F1 (that is for the commands menu) but you can (already) use CTRL+SPACE and CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE to trigger suggest and parameter hints.

In short, play with the editor options quickSuggestionsDelay and suggestOnTriggerCharacters and others until you get it to do what you want, then check the built-in shortcuts continue to work.

I suggest you learn these shortcuts (instead of changing them) as the muscle memory will carry over into full blown editors like VSCode.

PS, I dont mind the auto suggest - it gives me clues and i simply ignore it (or press escape when it gets in the way). I feel the benefits outweigh with minor irritation. so a better solution, might be to simply get it to delay by say 3 seconds - and that might be enough - if you stop typing for 3 secs, you are likely looking for inspiration anyhow!

And of course loads of other options here if you are brave. - IStandaloneEditorConstructionOptions | Monaco Editor API

Thanks Steve-Mcl and dceejay. I will muddle on through (and yes, it's likely time I learned the monaco key shortcuts anyhow).

I'll have to try VSCode (never have) but I can tell you I'll NEVER learn all that vi stuff. It made me hate looking at key-cuts. But really? An editor that defaults to a non-editing mode? I know there's a (legacy) reason and I'm sure it makes sense ... to someone, but no other editor has a 'command' mode. It de-motivated me to spend time on shortcuts. Gotta change I guess, but I'll use nano thank you.

Wait, are you saying there is a vi mode in Monaco?!

I want it!!

If you like nano, rest assured that you will love VScode! :slight_smile:

Thankfully, the "command mode" style in VScode is the exception not the rule. With pretty much everything you need being visual (as in the name!). But the commands are there if you need them, F1 as Steve mentioned works in full VSC but not in Monaco, but the alternative ctrl-shift-p works in both.

Also, since Microsoft published some very useful "remote" editing extensions for VSCode, you can even replace your use of nano in many cases.

VSCode also has excellent support for custom URL's as well such that you can have URL's that trigger VSCode edits for a file or folder - even remotely! For example, the current version of UIBUILDER provides a local VSCode edit link for a uibuilder node's front-end code. But the next release extends that further so you can use it with remote editing sessions as well.

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