MongoDb custom query

I'm new in the world of MongoDb and Node-Red. I have a question.
I'm using the "mongodb2" component and I would execute an aggregate query, like this:

db.collection.aggregate([{$match:{"id": {$eq: 32823}}}, {"$group" : {_id:"$zone", count:{$sum:1}}} ])

There is any possibility to pass this string to the "mongodb2" component? Or I must set all the component of "msg"? Because I don't know how can I do this, maybe in this way:

msg.payload = {id: msg.payload}; = {"value": { _id: "$zone" }, "count": { "$sum": 1 }};

but it not works, because "mongodb2" has "aggregate.forEach" and "aggregate.toArray"...
Any idea?

hi i want do the same ....
any update from you?thanks