MongoDB Node Too Many Connections?

I've implemented a node-red-node-mongodb node set into my flow, essentially managing a user base and related data,

I've had a few times where the MongoDB server goes off line with connection issues.

I look at the mongodb.log file and see entries like this:

connection accepted from #1137 (1118 connections now open)
[listener] pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

I suspect this is creating an instance each time I connect and not closing them... fast enough?

How can I ensure this will be stable and efficient in the future? I'm on a small AWS instance, for now... Not sure if this has anything to do with the accumulation of instances on the mongodb end of things?

The end goal is to have a growing set of users, and related content for the site, all via node-red, with a scaleable mongo set... The payloads are minimal, containing some user ID info, and some privileges... Same with the other DB's being utilized.

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