Monitoring Economy 7 Times


I finally decided to do something I've wanted to for a while - stick a camera to watch my electricity meter and find out what actual time it switches to/from nighttime mode

So I've used my old Samsung Note 3 for this - for some reason it returns a green inverted image so hence the need for a bit of image processing

Last image (Base64) is up on as cymplecy/powermeter

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Now with timestamp on the image to make it easier for analysis tomorrow


Just a word of warning, economy 7 is 7 hours in 24 it doesn’t have to be continuous, dependant on where you are in the country it can be on then off and then back on over a night

That's what I understood when it started up.

IIRC , in my parents old house in Newcastle in the 70's , we had night storage heaters put in that were directly wired to a night only circuit.

But when I googled about a few years ago, although my supplier doesn't seem to have any info on it - other suppliers said it was region dependant and the ones that give out info implied that North-West England are fixed at 12:30-7:30

So I thought I'd check it out :slight_smile:

And back again