Monitoring Some Sensors With Raspberry PI3


Hı I want to monitor some sensors ( Temperature & Humidity - Pressure - Voltage ) with RPI3.

For example;
I connected Temp&Humid port 3
I connected Pressure port 5
I connected Voltage port 9

I dont have enough experience node-red dashboard. Could you please can some one create dashboard design for me ? If I see dashboard design and setings , next time I can create it. I just want to it monitor like attached picture It should see gauge and linechart maybe Piechart same page and near eachother…


What don’t you know how to do? Put a gauge on the dashboard? Put three gauges on the dashboard? Get another column beside it? You need to ask specific questions. Start by getting going what you can and then ask how to do the next bit.


As I said I dont have enogu experince. When I put 3 gauges its showing under by under I want it near by near ?
How can I create this, Could you please if possible create basic design for me ?


Experiment by changing the size of each one in the gauge configuration. Then you will start to see how it works.


I tried a few time but didnt make it, so I decided to create topic here.


So what have you tried?
Have you googled for a tutorial and taken it?

What happens when you put 2 gauges in a flow?

What happens if you change the size of one of the two gauges?

It is helpful if you create a small subset of your issue and then provide it (export the flows and paste them to a reply putting three backticks before and after the code)

this will make it possible for others to see exactly what you are doing and help point you in the right direction.


If you hover your mouse pointer over the gauge title a bar will appear across the top. Left click on the bar and while holding the mouse button down you can drag and drop the gauge where you want it. There will be a little > marker at the bottom right of the gauge which when lift clicked and held will allow you to resize the gauge.