More ways to provide help for your custom node

Just wanted to share a quick tip for people writing custom nodes, especially if the are getting a bit more complex and needing more help space than is convenient in the Node-RED info panel.

uibuilder is now getting quite complex in places and I've been trying to add more help. In various bits of experimentation, I came across docsify.

This is a library that automatically takes a folder of Markdown files and creates a website out of them. It all happens in the browser so you only need a static web server - Node-RED happens to be quite good at that!

If you check out the node-red-contrib-uibuilder repository, you will see that it contains a docs folder with an index.html file. It is that file that does the magic.

In the uibuilder node, I simply attach the folder to Node-RED's admin ExpressJS server:

Then I add a link such as this to my help panel: <a href="./uibuilder/techdocs" target="_blank">.


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