Motion sensor and light

Hey all. I need little help with my node red automation. I have motion sensor in my bathroom. If motion is detect, turned light on and if no motion detect for 10min then turned light off. This works fine.
light off after 10min of no motion
I came to the bathoom again 9min59sec after last motion and light turned off
And this is my problem
Light dont turned on if motion is detect at this moment and i dont know why
Some ideas?
Sorry for my english, i speak only czech and little bit of english as you probably see :wink:

Without knowing anything about your flow, it will be hard to help you.

Export your flow and attach it to a reply

i have only this flow

flows.json (845 Bytes)

lights are turned on via phillips hue app because via HA is 5sec delay .

For future reference please use this technique for posting flows, it saves having to download it.

The flow you posted is only one node, does that do the logic you described with the motion detection and 10 minute delay? I don't use HA so I don't know what that node does.

Okey i'm sorry for my bad flow post.
Yeah that simple flow works for me. My lights are turned on via automation in hue app and my simple flow turned them off after 10min of no motion. But at the moment when i describe isnt work very well. I'm noob in HA and node red and everything what am i doing now is try-mistake thing
So if someone can me point at the right direction i will very greatfull

check out

It what i took inspiration from to do my hall/stair motions.. they turn on for two mins, and if
it detects motion again the time restarts back to two mins until there no motion and the lights then turn off

For light sensor? Or motion sensor? Search for NR direct i2c stuff driving a light sensor, I posted a flow to support the light sensor I used at the time.

I also now have a '26' sensor, where my original flow above was for the '29' variant. But the flow logic is almost identical, and I as I recall there are a couple of examples for the '26' variant posted already.

For motion sensors there are many variants, PIR, SR04, US-100, even a few fancier ones. At some point I will get around to posting NR examples for each. Even have an IR sensor flow I am testing I use for my garage door controller.

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