Motion sensor to integrate with wemo smart plug (WSP080)

I’m trying to find a motion sensor (or rather collection of sensors - 5 sensors in 5 different rooms) that I could get to turn on a wemo smart plug (WSP080) and then turn it off 30 minutes after the last motion is detected. Currently I have a hot water recirculation pump being powered by the plug set to run each evening from 6PM-10PM. I watched a tutorial by John Stone the DIY Smart Home Guy (INSTALL: Watts Hot Water Recirculation Pump - Instant Hot Water - YouTube) and was inspired to explore options for a system that was controlled by motion sensors vs. a set schedule. I WOULD use his list of equipment, etc. however it’s from 2012 and so I’m guessing a bit antiquated… So far I haven’t found anyone that has had success doing what I’m trying to do (tried posting on reddit’s ifttt Chanel as well as another forum). Currently I’ve been unable to reach Mr. Stone. I’m not married to the Wemo smart plug. Totally open to other equipment configurations though I’d prefer to keep it simple if possible. As I’m writing I’ve realized that a system that would support electronic door locks might be a great addition as well but not the main goal at this point. YouTube and Google have proven helpful, but frankly a bit overwhelming. My programming capabilities are rather limited. Thank you for taking the time to read and any help/advice offered would be much appreciated.

Tbh, if probably go with ZigBee.

It will save on wiring & the devices are pretty cheap.

I have a selection of these:

(You can find them cheaper around the internet)

Coupled with a ZigBee dongle & ZigBee2mqtt you can achieve you goal


With Node-RED, it hardly matters what collection of sensors you use :sunglasses:

But I would agree with Steve that, unless you want to build your own sensors, Zigbee is a worthwhile investment even though you need to also buy a Zigbee coordinator dongle and set up Zigbee2MQTT.

Get one of the coordinator dongles recommended by the Zigbee2MQTT project to save any potential configuration issues.

Zigbee devices are generally pretty interchangeable but again, pick ones that the Zigbee2MQTT project already knows about.

When you read about Zigbee, the details can be offputting, however you really don't need to worry about the detail. If you choose devices that the Zigbee2MQTT project have already tried and configured, all you really need to know is that if you need to cover a lot of area (from the coordinator dongle), you may need 1 or more mains-powered Zigbee devices in order to extend the mesh network.

In my own network for example, I have a couple of Ikea bulbs and a couple of Ikea plugs. As they are mains powered, they easily extend the mesh network out around our Victorian house.


Steve, many thanks for your input! I will definitely research ZigBee and see if I can work out a solution.

Sounds like Zigbee is the way to go. Many thanks! Will see what I can come up with and report back!

Just want to clarify one thing before you head off buy a bunch of sensors WITH a "gateway" - dont.

That link I posted has 4 sensors and 1 gateway, skip the gateway.
ebay sellers often try to bundle the gateway in with sensors - again, dont.

All you need is the dongle (coordinator)

I personally have the Sonoff ZBDongle-p which is supported by ZigBee2mqtt (even sonoff write it up as supporting ZigBee2mqtt) - it serves me well.

Other (with greater experience) may recommend another.

On a side note: The above mentioned is CC2652P based hardware - which I believe is currently the most popular/stable) - others on the forum may advise otherwise (like look for "Matter" capability/compatibility for example) however my take on that is there are still decisions to be made regarding interoperability with Zigbee and with the above mentioned dongle costing ~£25 its no great shakes if it doesnt support "Matter" in the future. In when it comes to it, I'd probably want a separate Matter dongle anyhow.


Steve, thank you for clarifying. I'll definitely take your thoughts into consideration as I decide what hardware to go with.

Good point and I should have said that. I use zzh (CC2652R Stick) - Electrolama as my controller dongle.

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Hello Steve. So, I ended up watching this tutorial "Home Assistant Beginners Guide: Installation, Addons, Integrations, Scripts, Scenes, and Automations" ( Home Assistant Beginners Guide: Installation, Addons, Integrations, Scripts, Scenes, and Automations - YouTube ) and from what I gather, the best set up is one in which I have a dedicated "always on" laptop/computer running home assistant. I'm guessing this is the most current approach? This smart plug is actually at a rental home and I don't live there. I'm guessing I can't "set it up" with a mobile app on my phone and then come back to the rental periodically to make sure the motion sensor/smart plug are functioning correctly. Also, I should probably mention that I'm predominantly a mac/iOS user.