Mouse cursor not to change to hand symbol for ng-click operation

Hi All,

I am trying to control the valve in my IIoT project. I am working on it to control via by adding ng-class = {"green2_on":itemState('pb_green2') == 'ON', "green2_off":itemState('pb_green2') =='OFF'} and ng-click = sendCmd('pb_green2', (itemState('pb_green2') == 'ON') ? 'OFF' : 'ON') in my svg image and I have embedded code like below for valve ,


I have added corresponding code in .css file like this,.

.green_on {
fill: #4fc497 !important;

.green2_off {
fill: #c83737 !important;

Cursor is not changing to the handsymbol when I hover on the valve image.

You might wish to change the title of this thread as it seems misleading since you don't have an issue with the click processing it seems, merely with the cursor?

Something like cursor:hand; in the style should do it (that's off the top of my head so I may have it wrong but that's the idea anyway).

Ok.. I have changed the title..

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