Move Data Based on Time

I'm new to the sofware, so patience please....

I have some data moving from an EthIP In node to a InfluxDB node. Currently, this is happening every scan of the PC.

I want to set it up so it will move the data on time based intervals. Example: Every ten seconds, send the data. Or every minute send the data.

I was trying to use the Inject node, but I want it to happen automatically, not requiring me to trigger it and the timer node, but it only has an output, no way to pass the data through it that I can tell.

What node should I be using to accomplish this?

Thank you.

If you already have a setup where the data is already being scanned, but is coming in too fast, then one solution is to use a Delay node, in Rate Limit mode, configured to discard intermediate messages. That would then only pass on the data at the rate you want.

With such a sparse description we are operating in the dark here a little. A more verbose description of your current data distribution would perhaps help. As @Colin says if it is coming in too fast he has a suggestion however if you need to scan at an interval the cron plus node can be programmed to very specific intervals to start your data retrieval / storage process.

Thank you both for the replies and the suggestions. I'm going to investigate both. The "Rate Limit" Delay Node sounds like what I want. I would expect something like this to be a configurable in the InfluxDB Node. just to limit the number of entries, in a perfect world.

I'm used to programming PLCS. There I would run a timer for a specified interval and use the done bit to trigger my data moving to the datalog as well as using it to reset the timer over and over.

All I'm trying to do is slow it down. I only need the data every few minutes or so.
Thank you

So I have setup now the Delay node. Its working just as I wanted. To test, I set to be off for 10 Seconds, on for 250ms. Great.

I also have Installed the cron-plus node. I'll make use of this to start collecting production data within our facility.

Thank you both.

I don't understand what you mean by that. The delay node does not have on and off settings.

In specific, I'm using the Delay-Gate Node.

The Gate Delay is set to the desired duration "Before open".
The Close is 250MS "After Opening".

So the way I see this. The Gate Delay is time the Instruction is not passing value, the Close time is the amount of time it is passing value. I did say OFF and On, I could also say True or False. Just how I'm thinking about it anyway.

That is not what I meant. Use the built in Delay node. Set it to Rate Limit mode, 1 message every 60 seconds or whatever is needed, and to drop intermediate messages.

Gotcha... Configured and working.

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