Moving Node Red Project to new install, missing credential?

Help once again fine folks :wave:...

I’m new to node red (esp projects and authentication procedures) and have had to reinstall everything. I’m trying to bring my old Project from node red into my new install but having issues. Moved my project into the new Projects folder, opened the node red editor but getting this error:

Flows stopped as the credentials could not be decrypted.
The flow credential file is encrypted, but the project's encryption key is missing or invalid.

I purposely didn't encrypt my credentials key previously though I know one gets created (" The credentials file will not be encrypted and its contents easily read" = fine for me). Not knowing much about what I’m doing, I've taken the "_credentialSecret": hash from my old flows_raspberrypi_cred.json file and place it in my new one...same error persists.

Even when I try to create a new Project, I now get this error:

An unexpected error occurred:
Cannot set property 'KTW_Theatre' of undefined
code: unexpected_error

I know I’m dumb and it probably isn't this easy but... can

1. anyone help me recover my previous project using the files I have?:



and ...I also have the an older backup of that node red install if I need to pull something from there..

2. I’m having the same issues with some node packages I installed previously - is there a clear guide/process for doing this from a backup (the backup being my entire .node-red folder)?

  1. Last issue - when starting my new NR install, I was directed (as in my last install) to but after trying to deal with the above, now I'm being directed to I can access BOTH at the same time - this seems very problematic, right? Or nbd?

So I fortunately was able to open my backup of flows.json file and import it into my new install. AFTER, installing the required nodes. This all was oblique to me despite reading the documentation.

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