MPI/PPI/DP communication through node-red-contrib-s7

Dear all,
I am new to Node-Red.
I have a Siemens PLC S7 CPU 315-2 DP. It has no PROFINET/ ETHERNET/MODBUS communication port and have only 2 PROFIBUS port.
I want to fetch data from the PLC using 'node-red-contrib-s7' node in MPI/PPI/DP mode. I have connect the PLC to my PC with Siemens MPI 'PC Adapter USB A2'. I am not able connect the node to the PLC. Kindly anyone help me to connect the node to fetch the real-time data from plc.
Please also guide me if any other method is there to communicate with S7 CPU 315-2 DP from node-red and fetch the data.

Thank you all,


What OS? linux or ms?

Hi Cristiano,
It is Windows 10.

Sorry I'm been away for long.

Can you provide some screenshot ?

2 important details about, 1st install the recent drive from siemens and 2nd setup the set pg interface, make sure your s7 connection is point to the usb adapter

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