MQTT connection to broker lost when adding LWT property

I am trying to setup a Last Will & Testament but once I add the LWT topic to the broker properties and once I deploy the connection is immediately lost to the broker which is hosted on aws IoT core.
I've tried configuring it with differente QoS values, different payloads but no luck, any ideas what is causing this unless i'm missing something here? Thanks

Here is a link showing what I mean:

Could be a permission issue with the topic you're using as LWT topic. Most - if not all - MQTT brokers close the connection if you don't have permission to reading/writing to a topic.

As for AWS, I suspect you can only access a specific topic prefix, like the one in your video. $AWS/things/[my-id]/....

However, it's just a guess, I've never used AWS and don't know their conventions and restrictions. Does it even support LWT?

Resolved this now, yes it was a permissions issue, I was using a wildcard that wasn't supported. Many Thanks

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