MQTT Dynamic broker - multiple brokers at the same time?

"required"? Of course not, there are always multiple ways of doing things.

However, this is one of the use-cases for bridging and it is likely a lot easier than messing around trying to force Node-RED itself to do something it wasn't built for.

Oh, yes...I fully agree.
But if the list of "remote" brokers is fully dynamic, then there is no way for the one broker, that forms the central hub, to initiate the bridges to these remote brokers.
Hence each remote broker needs to initiate its bridge to the central hub (broker) then, which seems to be supported by aedes broker.

My suggestion was to provide the config files necessary to tell the central broker to initiate the bridges to the printers. The files (one per printer or one file containing them all) could be installed as each printer is commissioned or could be generated by the user via the node red dashboard interface. This requires that the central broker is capable of initiating the bridge, which I don't think aedes can do.

As far as we know the brokers in the printers are not capable of initiating bridges to the central broker.


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