MQTT IN dynamic subscription mode add msg.qos

Standard default is QoS2 set in node config

but option not available in Dynamic mode

and it turns out it still defaults to QoS 2

Even adding a change node before the MQTT IN node in dynamic mode and setting msg.qos to 0 makes no diff

I found this out when looking at subscribe packets with my fun MQTT broker and noticed difference between a subscribe from a NR instance and one from an ESP32 (which only does QoS 0)
Note: last byte hold the requested QoS of the subscriber

I'm sure we can all live with this :slight_smile: but just putting it out there

From help text

For the "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" actions, this property provides the topic. It can be set as either:

  • a String containing the topic filter
  • an Object containing topic and qos properties
  • an array of either strings or objects to handle multiple topics in one

So as subscription is dynamic , you would set the QoS using the object.

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Documentation? That I could read?? #WhoKnew :slight_smile:


I'll change this into a feature request then that msg.qos (if set) is used


instead/as well as


[edit] I also think the default should be QoS 0 if nothing set rather than 2 but I can see why it currently defaults to 2

Don't forget to update title and change category of the topic, or are you posting a new topic?

I'm stopping while behind - feel free to change it :slight_smile:

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