MQTT Out with SPS

I am very new in Node Red. Aktually I am working on a test connection betwen the Node Red an a Siemens PLC. Actually i can read everything i want. Here is a screenshot when i read the array. For that i use the path: "ie/d/j/simatic/v1/s7c1/dp/r/Handshake/#"
2020-11-30 13_21_21-IE Flow Creator 1.0.4 _
But next I want to write in a boolean variable of the Array and i don`t know how i have to write the path of the Array.
2020-11-30 13_23_24-IE Flow Creator 1.0.4 _

Thank you for your Help.



Welcome to the forum @neuby.

Is the PLC publishing direct to the MQTT broker or do you have an intermediate device of some sort?
If the PLC is doing it, is what you need not documented in the PLC docs?

I have an IIoT Connector from Siemens betwen the PLC and the MQTT broker and I don`t find any documents who show me how to Adress that. This Device ist still in development an so there is not much Information about everything. So i hoped that there is a System in Node Red how to call an variable in an Array.

Ah, sorry, I thought you meant you don't know the mqtt topic to use. If it is just that you don't know how to get the value out of your data structure then, as a beginner, I suggest you first spend an hour watching the Node red Essentials videos linked from the node-red docs. Then have a look at the Working with Messages page which should enable you to get there. If you still can't work it out then ask again.

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