Mqtt Publish only on changed data

I've been using node red to read data using an Api request and then publish that data using Mqtt Sparkplug B to my Data Server (every 3 minutes). I use an "Inject" node just setup to cycle every 3 minutes.
However, I have (1) tag data valve that I would like to setup to publish anytime the valve changes, can someone point me as to how I might get this done.

Pass the value through an RBE (filter) node set to only pass on change before the MQTT node.

OK, I went to pallet Manager to install "Node red node rbe" but it gives me a "Conflict" error and won't let me install it. Is say the conflict is "Node Red"?

Do I have other problems?

Rbe node is built in.
But to be fair I'm probably confusing matters as it was renamed to filter node some time ago.

In short;
There is nothing to install. Just do like I said, add a filter :wink:

Thanks, I see now and will give it a try.
I appreciate your help.

I think you could use the switch node with setting: != previous value as well.