MQTT remains connecting while settings have been changed

I have a device (bambulab p1s) running its own custom broker, I am trying to connect, but the mqtt node keeps its label as "connecting" and whatever settings I change it remains connecting - I do not have a good indication if the node is properly disconnecting and trying to reconnect or that it the connection is hanging - how do i determine if it disconnected ? and/or is there a timeout that can be forced ?

when you deploy a change to a node, it is destroyed and re-created.

Then you either dont have the settings correct or it is unreachable.

Are you using latest Node-RED?

You can also try dynamic connection and disconnect actions while testing. Demo here: Dynamic MQTT node's "actions->connect" guidance needed - #2 by Steve-Mcl

when you deploy a change to a node, it is destroyed and re-created.

I don't see this happening. Also when I use dynamic subscription - the node remains in "connecting..."
Note that i need to be able to set TLS without cert verification - dynamic subscription does not have this option (?) or does it take the nodes' settings in that case ?

Keeps the TLS setup assigned to the config.

Are you using Protocol v3.1 or V5? Try both.

Are you using FULL deploy mode? Because if you are, I can gurarentee that even if you dont "see" it, it IS happening (the config and the connection will be destroyed and recreated)

Lastly, you did not state your Node-RED version (v2.x does have issues holding onto old connections)

I am using 3.1, it is most likely happening then. Can't connect, but that is another issue.

I got it working - the reason why it behaved weirdly, was because I had to subscribe to a specific topic directly upon connection, else it would disconnect immediately.

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