MQTT | TLS version: v1.2 (TLS mandatory with CA signed server certificate)

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i am trying to connect to a secure port MQTT Broker and from the documentation, it says

TLS version: v1.2 (TLS mandatory with CA signed server certificate)

i have been wondering how to connect with Node red to publish my data.

Thanks greatly for your quick feeback.

What have you tried and how did it fail?

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thanks greatly @hardillb

i have not try anything when i clicked use TLS

i don't know what to insert in the property

thanks @hardillb
i found some documentation online on node -red TLS it seems to work and get connected, stil running a test.

Hi @hardillb
it is not working !
this is the error i am getting

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'cafile   /etc/ssl/certs/DST_Root_CA_X3.pem'

thanks for your help

First you shouldn't need to enter anything in the TLS Config node if the Brokers certificate is signed by a public CA.

Secondly the TLS Config node supports 2 modes

  1. File path mode, where the path you enter has to point to a file on the machine the Node-RED backend is running. This may not be the same as where the editor is running in the browser
  2. Upload mode, where you upload the certificate file from the machine with the editor.

The error implies you have provided a file path from your editor machine and it can't be found on the machine running the backend.

It's also worth noting that by default NodeJS applications don't need to be passed Public CA files as it has a built in Certificate Store.

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Thanks greatly @hardillb
This help. I am trying to resolve it. Base on this info.

Thanks again !

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