MQTT to InfluxDB function

I just about went nuts trying to get the right incantation of a Regex for JavaScript to do a simple job of parsing out the device name from a MQTT String so I decided to share because I didn't find it here.

I've used Regex infrequently for decades but every damn language/system has its own take on what is a special character, quote or not, single or double quote if used...

The incoming string looks like this


And the InfluxDB node needs this


To get the right info in the right form I use this function

var device = msg.topic.match("System_Info/([-0-9A-z]*)/");
var rate = parseFloat(msg.payload);

var newMsg = { "payload": {
        "device": device[1],
        "value": rate,
        "units": "Mb/s"
    } };
return newMsg;

I emphasize string because I got easier to parse input than with the JSON Object option in the MQTT node.


I skipped over your topic as i dont know influx. Had you said "help splitting value from topic to make new msg" - it would have been open to a wider audience than "MQTT to InfuxDB"

Anyhoo, here is how I would do it...

var device = msg.topic.split("/")
var rate = parseFloat(msg.payload);
msg.payload = {
    "device": device[1],
    "value": rate,
    "units": "Mb/s"
return msg;

Points of interest...

  1. I recommend you dont create new messages - always better to modify and pass on the original msg.
  2. Split is way easier than regex

And yet here you are posting to it :wink:

Split! Damn. Rookie error. Thanks for that.


I think you understand my point.

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Licking my wounds... at least there's an example here like I couldn't find and some strings will need a regex.

I have to point out that the terms are mixed up there. The string is JSON. JSON is by definition a string. When you set the MQTT node to output parsed JSON that means that it parses the JSON string and outputs the result, which is a javascript object.

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Uh...yeah, yeah...that's what I meant. :roll_eyes:

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