Msg in a file, thanks :)

I have datas from sensor (temperature, lignt, humidity, etc.) that are received in a node-red function with this code :

var split = msg.payload.split("\r");
var Humidity = parseInt(split[1].slice(12, split[1].length-1));
var Pressure = (parseInt(split[2].slice(11, split[2].length-1))/100).toFixed(0);
var Temperature = parseFloat(split[3].slice(15, split[3].length-1)).toFixed(1);
var Light = parseInt(split[4].slice(9, split[4].length-1));
var Noise = parseFloat(split[5].slice(9, split[5].length-1)).toFixed(2);

var txt = split[5].slice(9, split[5].length-1);

var msg0 = {payload:Humidity};
var msg1 = {payload:Pressure};
var msg2 = {payload:Temperature};
var msg3 = {payload:Light};
var msg4 = {payload:Noise};

var msg5 = {payload:txt};
//msg.payload = Humidity
return [msg0, msg1, msg2, msg3, msg4, msg5];

Then they display in a dashboard.

But I want to have them in a .txt file, together in the same file.

Something like that :

22 78 1
23 78 2
22 80 1
22 79 1
24 78 2
22 79 1

So I can put them in excel after.

I am a node-red newbie, so I put the "file storage", connected all the msg0, msg1, msg2, msg3, msg4, msg5 to that file storage, but the result is not like above, any idea ?

thanks !

I think there are probably some simplifications that could be made, could you add a debug node showing what is going into your function node and show us what is there?

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