Msg object and ui text input node


I am sending a msg object to the ui_text_input mode. It seems as if the ui_text_input node destroys the message object.

Is there a way to have it just update the payload and not disturb the rest of the msg object?

I have tried the pass through but it passes the msg object through immediately. It didn't work as I had thought.





In order to minimise traffic only the required elements (mostly payload) are forwarded to the browser/client side. You should not think of the ui widget as a storage element. You should hold anything extra on the server side (eg in flow context) and then re-add it when triggered by the text input. The reason the input is there at all is just to preset the input field if you want to.

For example in extremis if the msg had a large file attached to another property - we wouldn't want to send that to the browser.

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Thanks. That makes sense.