Msg.payload in http request?

Hi is it possible to use{{msg.payload}} in http request?
Cant get it to work? Can I somehow see what's getting out from the http node. Tried http logger but it doesn't show anything. Even if filter is blank.

the built in documentation says "If not configured in the node, this optional property sets the url of the request."

so, leave URL empty, insert a change node or function node before the http request node and set

msg.url = "http://what_ever/add?" + msg.payload;
return msg;

PS, forgot to say - as a test, try using {{payload}} instead of {{msg.payload}} - many of the nodes that support mustache expect msg to be ommited.


yes - ^^^ - it just expects the property so {{payload}} etc

Thanks!! Just payload worked fine.

Best regards Niclas

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