Msg.topic as name for flow variable


I am reasonable new to node-red. in my project i have a number of settings that are changeable on a dashboard. When that change comes in i want to use the msg.topic as the name for the flow variable. i tried many syntaxes and thought to have it working but then not really:

flow.set("{{msg.topic}}", msg.payload};

I tried with double and single quotes, $ sign,... but could not get it to work. i probably miss a simple syntax thing.


use a function node

var t = msg.topic
return msg;

Thx zenofmud,

This works!!
I was using a function node already. It seems the input of the set command can only deal with a simple variable.


the set command expects a valid javascript property name - so as long as what you use produces that then it can be whatever you like.

This should work just as well

Hi Colin,

You are right. I have tried this syntax before but it didn't work. Now tried it again and it does work. I must have made another error and sent myself looking for a difficult solution... Thanks for getting me on the road again :slight_smile:

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