Msg.topic manipilation of output of a function node

A newbie question.... Again....

I have a function node that has a few outputs, what is the correct way of setting a different topic for a particular output?


return [ {payload:0}, {payload:1} ];

Sets the payloads for the outputs.... How do I set the topics (individually) for them too?


return [ {topic: "topic1", payload:0}, {topic: "topic2", payload:1} ];

Its just an object property.

A tiny bit of JS training around objects and arrays would help you greatly here. so here goes...

long hand version...

var msg1 = {}; //create an empty object
msg1.topic = "topic1"; //add a topic property
msg1.payload = 0; //add a payload property

var msg2 = {};//create an empty object
msg2.topic = "topic2";//add a topic property
msg2.payload = 1; //add a payload property

return [ msg1, msg2 ];

another version...

var msg1 = {
  topic : "topic1",
  payload : 0

var msg1 = {
  topic : "topic2",
  payload : 1

return [ msg1, msg2 ];

One more...

var messages = []; //an empty array
messages.push( {  topic : "topic1",  payload : 0 } ); //push an object into the array
messages.push( {  topic : "topic2",  payload : 1 } ); //push an object into the array
return messages; //return the array

hopefully that helps you understand some things?


Indeed it does!!

Thank you yet again!!


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