Mssql conection dynamic inputs

i tried {{flow.ipaddess}} on the server field its not  working. please help me to find a solution for this

I'm pretty sure you have to enter the actual server name or IP.

ha ha leave ip i tried give others static and try the same method to database name now same error came .. i am very sure the DB name.. if i give all static it conected perfectly..
so i want to know hjow to pass variables dynamic between nodes

@DemonKing it will depend on what the particular node supports. Check its documentation to see what it says you can do.

What node is it? Which module did you install to get it?

its mustache format {{{}}} i can used this in querys thats working fine.

but cant use same thing in conections

and that node is : node-red-contrib-mssql

pls find me the solution

It does not look like that node supports dynamically changing the connection details. You will have to look for a different node - there are a few on for MSSql - one of them might let you do what you are trying to do.

ok and thanks,
could you suggeset me for the dynamic conection change node pls

No, I don't use MSSQL. You'll have to investigate the nodes yourself.

ok and thanks