MSSQL-PLUS - passing array to UDT parameter (TVP param in a stored procedure)

Not good. I assume it was working immediately before?

NOTE: dont worry, all is not lost (we can fix this)

First, please make a backup of your flow files from the .node-red folder (they will be called flowsxxxx.json)

On to your issue - please check this thread by @knolleary (there is an edge case he wishes to track down - you appear to have hit it)

if you edit the file C:\Users\vstoresft2\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red\node_modules@node-red\registry\lib\registry.js and look at line 186 you should see:

                set.types.forEach(function(t) {
                    if (nodeTypeToId.hasOwnProperty(t)) {

Please add the following immediately before it:

                // START DEBUG
                if (!set.types) {
                // END DEBUG

The next time you restart Node-RED you'll get a bit more information in the log about what node module its loading when it hits the error

I will follow up shortly on how we can get you running once more