Insert array contents into MSSQL table

Hello, may I please ask for some guidance... I have an array of data I want to insert into my MSSQL table called 'MyTable', here is the statement I have created:

INSERT INTO [MyTable] (id, device_id, label, message, severity, activated_time, cleared_time) VALUES ('{{{}}}', '{{{payload.object.deviceId}}}', '{{{payload.object.label}}}', '{{{payload.object.message}}}', '{{{payload.object.serverity}}}', '{{{payload.object.activatedTime}}}', '{{{payload.object.clearedTime}}}')

Here is a screen shot of my Flow:

I think the following is going into my SQL Node:

13/07/2020, 14:12:52node: bb71a7c8.4d6348
msg.payload : array[2]
0: object
id: "49cd2d85-0e12-4147-8bfa-444eb43d7a4e"
deviceId: "a03394b0-9a49-45c7-afb4-07541a8aba47"
label: "Handle Alarmed"
message: "Rack Door Handle alarmed for sensor Back Door at NBRK0750 with state "
severity: "CRITICAL"
activatedTime: "2020-06-19T10:38:24.199Z"
1: object
id: "9dadad16-38fe-4ee8-9f65-ada755a97e10"
deviceId: "acb8c96e-db30-4b72-bd06-ab8706b43efd"
label: "Local Authorization Alarm"
message: "Local Authorization alarm for Back Door at NBRK0750"
severity: "INFO"
activatedTime: "2020-04-29T14:28:57.594Z"

Thank you!

can you attach a debug node (set to show complete message) to the output of the MSSQL node

I need to see the all the msg values (in particular the SQL generated by the mustache)

Hello again Steve-Mcl :slight_smile: Here is the result of the debug node:

Here is my SQL table when it fails:

Thank you.

I wonder what that error means. Have you tried googling for it?

I guess you are not using node-red-contrib-mssql-plus

when you use that node (apart from the many bug fixes & additional features) you get the compiled SQL statement in the debug output to help you see what is going wrong.

If you wish to upgrade...

  • stop node-red
  • open a command line prompt & CD to your node-red folder
  • npm uninstall node-red-contrib-mssql (or which ever derivative you are using)
  • npm install node-red-contrib-mssql-plus
  • start node-red

Colin, i suspect the values are not being rendered into his SQL Statement (I suspect the duplicate violation is a red herring - and why I am asking him to install mssql-plus as it gives you the rendered SQL statement in the output msg object to see what is actually being executed against the SQL Server)

That makes sense.

Hi Steve-Mcl, I am actually using the 'node-red-contrib-mssql-plus' node:


where did you attach the debug?

can you share your flow

like this

and a screen shot

Here is the Flow:

Yeah - you need to show complete message option set on the debug node

Try again please.

Here is the debug output now:

13/07/2020, 16:13:17node: 734d2b68.1ad644
msg : Object
topic: ""
payload: object
headers: object
statusCode: 200
responseUrl: ""
redirectList: array[0]
parts: object
_msgid: "6a91ebff.7d9cb4"
query: "INSERT INTO [MyTable] (id, device_id, label, message, severity, activated_time, cleared_time) VALUES ('', '', '', '', '', '', '')↵"

and a new screen shot:

So as you can see - all of your values are empty

so the duplicate violation is occurring because you are always putting empty strings in the database.

Since your SQL is...

INSERT INTO [MyTable] (id, device_id, label, message, severity, activated_time, cleared_time) 
VALUES ('{{{}}}', '{{{payload.object.deviceId}}}', '{{{payload.object.label}}}', '{{{payload.object.message}}}', '{{{payload.object.serverity}}}', '{{{payload.object.activatedTime}}}', '{{{payload.object.clearedTime}}}')

... check the output of the template node Place each into X - does it have properties in payload.object.deviceId and etc?

Hi, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:
Here is another screen shot showing the original output and then after the Split & Template:

I tested the output from the debug node looking for '' as you suggested and I get nothing:

Inside Split No.1 I have two Objects in the Array, each has a key identifier with a corresponding value, it's these values I would like to Inject into my SQL table.

your split isnt working.

Can you paste a copy (using the debug copy button) of the data from the API node


paste copy from debug like this

Hi Steve-Mcl, thanks! Here is the debug output from the API call:

13/07/2020, 16:49:24node: acce12ef.05cb8
msg.payload : Object
alarms: array[297]
[0 … 9]
[10 … 19]
[20 … 29]
[30 … 39]
[40 … 49]
[50 … 59]
[60 … 69]
[70 … 79]
[80 … 89]
[90 … 99]
[100 … 109]
[110 … 119]
[120 … 129]
[130 … 139]
[140 … 149]
[150 … 159]
[160 … 169]
[170 … 179]
[180 … 189]
[190 … 199]
[200 … 209]
[210 … 219]
[220 … 229]
[230 … 239]
[240 … 249]
[250 … 259]
[260 … 269]
[270 … 279]
[280 … 289]
[290 … 296]
offset: "14588213"

I cant do anything with that data.

Can you do exactly what I asked & I will see if I can make this work for you by "faking the API call" (since i dont have access to the API, I need ACTUAL data - not a bunch of strings saying [0 … 9])


Sorry - still getting to grips with this...

I got an error with the size of the reply (Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 94735.)

Here is the output after the filter node instead:

{"alarms":[{"id":"49cd2d85-0e12-4147-8bfa-444eb43d7a4e","deviceId":"a03394b0-9a49-45c7-afb4-07541a8aba47","label":"Handle Alarmed","message":"Rack Door Handle alarmed for sensor Back Door at NBRK0750 with state ","severity":"CRITICAL","activatedTime":"2020-06-19T10:38:24.199Z"},{"id":"9dadad16-38fe-4ee8-9f65-ada755a97e10","deviceId":"acb8c96e-db30-4b72-bd06-ab8706b43efd","label":"Local Authorization Alarm","message":"Local Authorization alarm for Back Door at NBRK0750","severity":"INFO","activatedTime":"2020-04-29T14:28:57.594Z"}],"offset":"14588213"}