Multiple (5) serial inputs to raspi using usb ports

OK newbie here - I am using 5 usb ports on the raspberry pi to read 5 serial inputs - it all works fine but at the moment I have to carefully plug in each usb port in a specific order so that the port matches up to the specific system associated to the serial node. Each of my inputs has a different baud rate so the order of plugging in is critical to get things right.

My question is that is there a way for me to plug in my usb ports in a random order, not critical but more worrying is that if a hardware system input fails the raspi will re allocate the /dev/ttyUSB and than the node-red flow will not read in the other 4 serial inputs which is not so good. The 5 systems are as follows: BMV 712 meter, MQQT solar input battery charger, adafruit GPS and 2 custom made chargers


You could work with giving each device a unique symlink with udev rules and address them with this symlink from nodered. There is is many tutorials on this online, for example this one here:



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