Multiple Instances of a workflow - flow variable

Hi .can you please help me with how to handle this scenario. I have a scenario in which for the first http request, I am getting a shipment number which I have to store as a flow variable since it has to be part of the url in another http request in the same flow. Can you please guide me, how to store the state i.e this flow variable per user, so that I can have multiple instances of the same flow every time the flow is triggered? Presently what is happening is if i trigger the flow, this flow variable(shipment number) is getting overwritten, which is not what is required. Every triggering of the flow should store the flow variable separately and should not be overwritten

Share your flow, then we can have a look at it.

You could make the flow.set('this is the username','shipment number') then you recall flow.get('this is the username').

Or do you need to use context at all ? can you not save the part you want into another and use it later in the flow ?

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