Multiple Projects: Updating specific Subflows should change in all the projects

We are trying to solve a business problem, where we may have multiple Projects in place, say each one for a specific customer.
We are planning to implement re-usability (flows/subflows) which may be used in multiple projects. I understand this can be done by exporting the flows/subflows to library and re-using them after importing and that's fine.
I understand since subflows are copied in to the new flows, these are not linked to the one in the library in any way.
But we also need this: a particular change I do in a sub-flow to be reflected in all the Projects.
Is there any way to achieve this.
One possible way I could think of is use API to update all the Flows with the change I need.
Is there any other better and elegant way of doing this. And Is my understanding correct ?
I am not looking at the Custom nodes option here, since it is we don't want to keep the business logic in custom nodes.
Thank you very much.

There is no built in way of doing this today. You'd have to manage them yourself via whatever mechanism you think works.

There are longer term plans to make some of this easier to do.

  1. Extending the /flow API endpoint to allow working with subflows much easier

  2. Extending the library functionality to provide some way to track what has been imported and notify when there are updates available

Thank you very much for the clarification.

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