Multiple Values to InfluxDB

Hi, I am trying to send multiple values from a modbus device to InfluxDB.
I can see the Ambient Temperature within Grafana, but i cant pick up the Battery SOC

Have you looked at, and understood, the sidebar help for influx node? It tells you there what you need to put in the message you are sending to it.

[Edt] I have just realise you are using two influx nodes for some reason. Show us how you have configured them.

I have them both configured to the same influx Server as Grafana.
I used 2 as I have just sort of fell upon this using youtube guides, but now I am stuck with sending multiple values


What do you see if you run the influx command line client and say

use home
show measurements

To avoid using multiple nodes you can set msg.measurement in the message. See the help text in the editor. Get it working as it is first though.

Yep I see the field names, but I get what you mean now about the side bar. I will try the msg.measurement and report back. Thank you
InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.3

use home
Using database home
show measurements
name: measurements


What you have should work perfectly well. I can't see any reason why BatterySOC is not getting written to.
Assuming that you are not accidentally setting msg.measurement already. It is odd that you have a measurement of msg.payload.

Thanks Colin. I have made a few changes, so I will put them back to before hand, and make a new table in the DB and try again

Change the debug nodes to show Complete Message, and give them names. That will make it easier to check the data.

Got it working like this for now..

I had to // in the function as it was sending the Kwh to everything going into the switch
Cheers Colin.

Working good now after a few hours of logging, Thanks for the help

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