Multipurpose sensor

i have bought a nuc, and have got the mqtt setup on it with the conbee II, it's running nearly smoote now i haven figuered out with the sensor yet :dotted_line_face:


17 Aug

Yes there is - look at the load under broker - expand that p what are the 63 messages about ?

in your mqtt explorer click on the load it will expand and say where its getting messages from.
and then you can actually click on them for more info.

this is mine none of the tiers are expanded and info on far right is blank.
but if you click on one of the file names with an arrow to the left of the word. you get more info.
if you see in my line that says tasmota (10topics, 10 messages)
i clicked on it and a couple of sub lines and you can now read the message.
look at next picture.

now i expanded another section wich is tele on my mqtt explorer. (keep in mind some of the names in mine are different because how i set up my devices )

now look on the far right
you see how it says tele/eferm/sensor
just click the documentlooking icon between the word topic and the trashcan just above that. that is actually the address to your message bassically in mqtt.
now in node red. in the mqtt node. you need to set it up to read your message.
in my case with the photos above my mqtt-in node has this for settings.
pay attention the line that says topic!

this is how you will get your data from the mosquitto.
once you have that set up in a flow attach a debug node to it so you can see your messages coming in from mosquitto and then you can go from there on how and what to do with them.
hope this helps.

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