Multistate switch - Resend input in output


I am trying to use the Multistate switch node in a project.

When I insert a msg.payload in its input, it changes its state but it doesn't resend that change to its output. Is any way to do this (like the switch node does)?


You could simply connect around the switch

E.g. wire the node that connects to the switch to both the switch and what the switch connects to.

When you search for pass-through of messages for this UI node on Discourse or in my Github repository, the you will see that this feature has been asked before a couple of times. But it needs to be discussed first, because it seems there are different opinions about it should work...
Anyway I'm not developing at the moment due to a surgery, so the implmentation will have to wait.
But if somebody wants to start the discussion here about how it should work, please be my guest!

Hello Steve,

Do you mean that the only way to do it is connecting the input to the Multistate switch and to its output? I did and it worked, but I wanted to know if there was a tidier solution to do it...


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