Mustache notation

Hello to everybody, working with nodered I have discovered the mustache notation that is a great simplification, but I have some problem with a particular type of data.

I have this payload["Ox.V.fVar_5"] : what is the corresponding mustache ? I have tried {{{payload.Ox.V.fVar_5}}} but nothing.

In my esperience I have discovered that :

  1. If I have an array I have to add . number of element : ex payload[0] is {{{payload.0}}}
  2. If I have payload["Em[0]"], I can use {{{payload.Em[0]}}}

Hi @bombjackit

the short answer is - you can't. That is a limitation of the mustache syntax. You would need to use a Change node before hand to rename the property to something without a . in it.

Thank you very much, I'll try another way.

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