My project: Stay with node red or move on?

Sure, understood. But when I see the word "customer" I think commercial and professional, not an amateur solution for hobbyist. Besides, if you have paying customers you should be prepared to pay for the platform that is used. My opinion. And you are right, everything can be messed up but I would also expect better support for such things from a commercial provider

Without wanting to extend this conversation too far - there are many types of service people can offer of course.

Some may have extremely thin margins where, for example, sweating existing assets might make a service viable but a 3rd-party paid service might not.

In some cases, you might not wish customer data (or they might not wish) to be passed to a 3rd-party either. For example, in what territory does FlowForge hold its data? A service offered in Germany might not be able to use a 3rd-party holding data in the USA. Just one possible example of course.

So there are plenty of cases where such a solution would not be advisable or even possible.

This is not to say that your suggestion is wrong. Certainly one would hope that a service run by the originators of Node-RED would take care of all of the basics in a sensible way. Sadly though, that isn't always enough to enable a sale.

That's fine with me, I just know what & how I would act. Unless someone from the FlowForge team steps in and clarifies the actual status, I will also, for now, expect there are security concerns not covered that will need additional attention

There’s simply no better solution as far as I can see. And it’s not commercial as far as I know :thinking: I’m running it myself..

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