My whishlist of features for version 2.1

Hello there,

I had been using NodeRed for over one year in our company, a small urban farm. It allow us to drive watering, lightening, ventilation (and many others features) for our growing units.
All above features are controlled over restful API on top of IOT.

If we have a wishlist for 2.1 version, it would be :

  • the ability to stop a running flow
  • configuring the scheduler of init node outside the NodeRed editor


This is already possible to do with standard or contrib nodes. Set a context value true or false & use a switch node in the flow to test the value & enable/disable flow of messages.

I assume you mean the inject node?
There are several scheduling nodes that can provide this functionality. For example, Node-red-contrib-cron-plus can be configured with messages generated by a dashboard (or other external source)

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Thanks for your answers. I will Try these options as soon as i can. Give you feedback in few weeks.

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