MySQL Query and Process Select

Ok, guys working through the problems as a new Node-Red user with the help of several. Thanks to everyone.

So I have a MySQL Task setup and showing connected, but I'm not sure how to Query the database and process those records on the next downsteam task to process for each of the returned records.

I have the Node-Red-Node-MySQL installed and I'm really not sure how to get the query setup and other basic issues.

Can someone offer some guidance?


I am using a function node to achieve mysql query capability but basically you provide your query and the parameters (if you are using parameterised query) and the mysql node executes it and provides the results to the next node

Do you have any code to share or link to examples?

The node's readme shows the basic principles - node-red-node-mysql (node) - Node-RED

Also the flows site has some flows that may be useful as examples. Library - Node-RED

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